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Shamrock Controls
a division of Burns Controls Company

About Shamrock Controls

Shamrock Controls is a leading global distributor of IEC electrical motor controls and factory automation solutions. We ship in stock items from Dallas, Texas.

All products are UL, CSA and CE approved.

Shamrock Controls is a division of Burns Controls Company, an industrial distributor of
hydraulic, pneumatic and automation products. Burns Controls Company was established in 1971 by Pat Burns Sr., in Dallas, Texas, as a one-man operation. Today, Burns Controls Company employs over 50 highly skilled sales, technical and support staff whose mission is to provide 100% customer satisfaction, quality products and continuous improvement in price and delivery for all its customers.

Main Offic
Burns Controls Co.
13735 Beta Rd.

Dallas, TX 75244
Tel: (972) 233-6712 / Toll Free 800.442.2010
Fax: (972) 233-8039 / Toll Free Fax 800.442.3353

Houston Office:
Burns Controls Company
1434 W. Sam Houston Pkwy North, Suite 180
Houston, TX 77043
(tel) 713.225.9565
Email Robert Burns, [email protected], for all Houston inquiries

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